My name is Fred Lackey (well, Fredrick Lackey formally). The few pages you’ve found are more of a “microsite” for me to vent about this “remote until COVID is over” nonsense. If you really want to know about me, you should visit my blog at: http://fredlackey.com

Professionally, I’ve been a lead architect and software developer for several decades and have been writing code since 1981. It’s always been a hobby, so I’ll never stop coding. If you’re a fellow geek, and want the buzzwords on which I usually focus, that would probably be…

  • MERN Stack (Mongoose, ExpressJS, React, NodeJS) … since 2015
  • MEAN Stack (Mongoose, ExpressJS, Angular, NodeJS) … since 2010
  • C# / VB.NET / .NET Framework / .NET Core … since 1999/2000
  • SQL Server / Postgres / MySQL / Oracle … since 1996
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) … since 2002

There are tons of other technologies in there, but these are the ones that pay the bills. Because of when I started in our lil’ industry, I’ve also spent decades in low-level networking (mainly with Cisco), socket programming, embedded software, and tons of other stuff which would probably bore you to tears.

Anyway, like I said, this “remote until COVID” site is just more of a rant. I’d look for one of my other sites if you want to know more about me or what I do.